Inception :)

SPOILER ALERT: lol, i always wanted to say that. spoiler alert. like i caught a bootleg or preview way before anybody else. or like, i was gonna share some undiscovered insight of a movie that moderately blew me away. but more of that in a bit. fact of the matter, almost everyone has caught the show and this spoiler prolly only applies to the missus who’s yet to catch it.

inception as a movie, entertained. as a premise, it confirmed what i’d long experienced as a dreamer who’s able to control what happens in his dream without waking. unlike cobb, i’m not addicted to that dream state though i’ve had lifelong dreams, recurrent characters and deja-vu set pieces playing in my mind through the years. i don’t choose my dreams. the dream begins and like the movie says, i never remember its genesis. i’m usually floating midsdream before the film camera in my head starts registering the dream that i will remember in pieces the morning after.

and just sometimes, if i’m in deep enough sleep, my consciousness kicks in. and when it does, the dream-state wobbles. keep calm, go with the flow, don’t move, keep your eyes closed, i tell myself. and sometimes if i can resist stirring, i awake in the dreamstate as neo in the matrix. except, i am the architect, the designer, the oracle and the dreamer. i can do anything i want. but the more i bend stuff around, the more wakeful i get. and the inevitable happens with me crushed in bed.

am i addicted? no. i don’t choose my dreams. they choose me and sometimes for a lark, they let me play truth and consequence in parallel universes. i’ve had recurrent dreams with alternating heart-wrenching, happy or open ended conclusions. i’ve had follow-on dreams that continued years after the first occurrence.

so yeah, dreamworld conjurers – check, i feel you. contact me in-world.

back to the movie. apart from the title of this post which spells out the chain of cinematic relationships which wobbled the movie-state, i was disappointed by some lacklustre acting. cillian murphy? seriously? joseph gordon? jude law would’ve aced either roles. leonardo was solid in his character archetype but tom hardy was boss.

this is my postulation of the movie’s conclusion:
cobb was incepted by his father with the help of ariadne, to save him from spiraling grief and limbo. and my guess is this happened sometime after he contacted the both of them in paris for his next job. fact of the matter, mal took the kids with her. as in murdered, before suicide. and cobbs dad knew this would undoubtedly send him over the edge if he ever knew the truth, thus the inception.

sleep well. see you later.